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Year in Review: 7 Lessons I learned in My Business in 2023

Year in Review: 7 Lessons I learned in My Business in 2023

Welcome to another episode of the RV Rental Secrets Podcast with your host, Stacy Maxon. In this week's episode, Stacy reflects on the highlights and business revelations of 2023 that will set the stage for an even more successful 2024. Having invested time in courses, masterminds, and extensive reading, Stacy shares seven key lessons learned.

Firstly, she emphasizes the importance of not spreading oneself too thin, drawing inspiration from the book "10x is Easier Than 2X" by Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan. Stacy advocates focusing on the 20 percent of work that yields 80 percent of results, encouraging listeners to identify their unique abilities and concentrate on them for business growth.

The second lesson is about perseverance. Stacy urges entrepreneurs not to give up too soon, citing examples of businesses that abandon strategies or tools prematurely. She advises consistency and patience, emphasizing that it may take a year of persistence for efforts to yield significant results.

Next, Stacy discusses the critical role of tracking and analyzing data in decision-making. Drawing from her own experience, she recommends tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to understand what is working in the business and guide strategic choices.

The fourth revelation comes from reading "Profit First," where Stacy encourages a deep dive into business expenses. She advocates trimming unnecessary costs, merging software tools, and adopting a frugal mindset to enhance profitability.

Stacy's fifth lesson revolves around the idea of serving the audience rather than selling to them. She advises businesses to focus on providing value through content, sharing tips, destinations, and entertaining stories, fostering a connection with the audience that leads to organic sales.

Consistency emerges as the sixth lesson, with Stacy confessing to having battled 'shiny object syndrome.' She stresses the importance of staying consistent in marketing efforts, as small, consistent steps can lead to significant growth over time.

The final lesson Stacy imparts is the value of delegation. Drawing insights from "Who Not How," she encourages entrepreneurs to recognize tasks they can delegate, freeing up time for more critical responsibilities. Stacy highlights the new Fireside Plus program, which allows RV rental businesses to have built-in office staff, emphasizing the potential for outsourcing tasks.

In conclusion, Stacy expresses excitement about the opportunities the new year holds and invites listeners to share their suggestions for podcast topics by reaching out to her at

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