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The Importance of RV Inspections With Lisa & Jason Carletti From My RV Resource

The Importance of RV Inspections With Lisa & Jason Carletti From My RV Resource

In this episode of the RV Rental Secrets Podcast, host Stacy Maxon, welcomes guests Lisa and Jason from My RV Resource. The episode kicks off with an introduction to My RV Resource, a comprehensive online directory with over 11,000 listings across 16 categories, serving as a valuable resource for RV owners to find services such as towing, transport, storage, repair, and inspections.

Lisa and Jason, who are both master-certified RV inspectors, share insights into their journey and the formation of My RV Resource in response to customer requests. They discuss the importance of the directory for RV rental businesses in finding reliable repair facilities, especially when dealing with remote locations and unfamiliar service providers.

The conversation touches on the various aspects of RV inspections, highlighting the meticulous process involved in examining the chassis, electrical systems, plumbing, and other components. The hosts emphasize the significance of regular inspections for ensuring the safety and reliability of RV rental units.

The discussion takes a deeper dive into the role of master certification for RV inspectors, detailing the rigorous requirements and ongoing commitments necessary for this distinction. Lisa and Jason share their experience and dedication to maintaining the highest standards in the inspection process, having completed over 1,000 inspections and garnered over 100 five-star reviews on Google.

The hosts stress the importance of customer education, recounting an incident where a lack of awareness led to a potentially hazardous situation with propane in an RV rental. They also address the value of inspections in different scenarios, including pre-purchase inspections for both new and used RVs, end-of-warranty inspections, and annual maintenance inspections for rental companies.

The conversation touches on common issues discovered during inspections, such as sealant maintenance in warm climates, potential problems with AC units, and overlooked safety measures like checking emergency exits. The hosts emphasize the role of regular inspections in contributing to customer satisfaction and preventing future headaches.

The hosts wrap up the episode by sharing tips on successfully working together as a couple in the RV industry, emphasizing the importance of clear task delineation and effective communication.

As a bonus, listeners are directed to Jason's YouTube series, "The Weekly One Reason to get an RV Inspection," providing valuable insights and information for consumers considering RV inspections.

The episode concludes with information on how listeners can connect with Lisa and Jason, either for RV inspection services in Florida through or for accessing the RV services directory on Social media links and details about Jason's YouTube series are also provided in the show notes for further engagement.

For RV inspection services in Florida visit

To access the RV services directory go to

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