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RV Rental Insights: The RV Rental Journey of That Road Trip Mom

RV Rental Insights: The RV Rental Journey of That Road Trip Mom

Welcome to the RV Rental Secrets Podcast! In this episode, we're joined by Nicole from That Road Trip Mom, the owner of the Escape and Explore Box, a monthly subscription box designed for RVing families. Nicole shares her mission to inspire families to escape the every day and explore the USA while making cherished memories together. She curates the subscription box with items that enhance the RVing experience.

For RV business owners, Nicole suggests that adding her subscription box as a surprise bonus for renters, especially for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, can be a great customer service gesture.

Nicole's journey into the RVing world began in 2017 when she started traveling in RVs with her ex-husband during his work trips. After their first significant road trip, they decided to purchase an RV. Following a divorce, Nicole continued her RV adventures and eventually got her own RV that she could tow with her Pathfinder.

Her decision to start renting out her RV stemmed from a desire to make extra income to cover the RV's expenses. In her first year of renting, Nicole pleasantly surprised herself with consistent bookings, one per month from April onwards.

Nicole resides in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire, where the camping season is relatively short, similar to neighboring New York.

One of the biggest challenges Nicole faced when renting out her RV was getting started—writing compelling listings, gathering necessary information, and getting the RV listed. Once listed, the rental process largely managed itself.

In contrast, a challenge for the host of the podcast was the process of removing personal belongings before each rental and then packing them back in after. With a large family and pets, this task required significant effort.

Regarding delivery and pickup, Nicole primarily had renters pick up the RV, but she expressed an interest in offering more delivery options in the future due to the added control and the platform's preference for such listings.

The podcast host inquired whether Nicole's first year of renting her RV had ignited a desire to expand her RV rental business. While she contemplated it, logistical issues like storage and management prevented her from pursuing additional RVs at the moment.

Nicole cherished the interactions with her renters, many of whom were first-time RVers. She enjoyed witnessing their excitement and satisfaction as they embarked on their RVing journeys.

The discussion touched on recommended campgrounds and travel destinations. While Nicole mentioned a few campgrounds in her region, most renters preferred locations an hour or so away from her location, often in state parks or other scenic spots.

As a parting piece of advice, Nicole emphasized the importance of taking the leap and getting started in the RV rental business. She encouraged potential hosts to trust the rental platforms, use insurance for peace of mind, and believe that everything will work out.

You can find Nicole on her website, That Road Trip Mom, where information about her subscription box and RV adventures is available. She also maintains an active Instagram account under the same name, sharing updates on her travels and subscription box openings.

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