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Niching Down in Your RV Rental Business With Wheels Up Rentals

Niching Down in Your RV Rental Business With Wheels Up Rentals

Welcome to another exciting episode of the RV Rental Secrets Podcast! I'm your host, Stacy Maxon, and today's episode features an intriguing conversation with Sammy, co-owner of Wheels Up Rentals. Together with his business partner, April Henricks, Sammy has been reshaping the RV rental landscape, particularly in the entertainment and event industry. Let's dive into the insights and stories he shared with us today.

Starting Wheels Up Rentals

  • Origins: Sammy and April launched Wheels Up Rentals in 2020, focusing on the entertainment and event trailer rental business. They also offer motorhome rentals.

  • Specialization: Their niche lies in serving the entertainment industry, catering to movies, TV shows, commercials, and various events due to a local vendor shortage.

Evolution and Growth

  • Initial Offering: They began with a hair and makeup trailer designed for the entertainment industry, addressing the costly issue of importing trailers from other markets.

  • Expansion: Gradually, they expanded their fleet, adding customized wardrobe trailers and other units, based on market research and demand.

  • Current Fleet: As of now, Wheels Up Rentals boasts six units in their fleet.

Unique Market: Minnesota

  • Filming Hub: Contrary to common perceptions, Minnesota has a rich history in film production, with recent growth attributed to new tax incentives.

  • Diverse Clientele: Wheels Up Rentals caters to projects ranging from one-day commercials to multi-week movie shoots.

Industry Experience and Challenges

  • Dual Roles: Both Sammy and April are industry insiders, working as a production manager/producer and a hair and makeup artist, respectively.

  • Challenges: Sammy discussed various challenges in the industry, including dealing with production mishaps and insurance claims.

Business Model and Client Interaction

  • Rental Process: Wheels Up Rentals primarily operates through direct contact, tailoring rentals to specific project needs.

  • Community Engagement: They emphasize community involvement and are focused on building a strong brand presence.

Expansion and Future Goals

  • 2024 Outlook: The primary goal for 2024 is to increase inventory and brand awareness, not just in the film industry but also in the events sector.

  • Long-term Vision: They aim to establish multiple hubs in different markets to reduce transportation costs and enhance service efficiency.

Operational Insights

  • Year-Round Service: Unlike many competitors, Wheels Up Rentals operates throughout the year, even during the winter months.

  • Customer Service: They emphasize responsive and comprehensive customer service, ensuring client satisfaction and security.

Tips for Aspiring RV Rental Entrepreneurs

  • Research and Community: Sammy advises thorough research and leveraging community knowledge for success in the RV rental industry.

  • Learning and Adaptation: Embracing continuous learning, especially in handling RV maintenance and repairs, is crucial.

Connecting with Wheels Up Rentals

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