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Navigating RV Rental Management with Garr Russell, Founder of Fireside RV Rental

Navigating RV Rental Management with Garr Russell, Founder of Fireside RV Rental

In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Garr Russell, the founder and CEO of Fireside RV Rental. Garr shares his insights into the RV rental management industry and the unique franchise opportunity his company offers.

Garr explains that Fireside RV Rental is a nationwide franchise specializing in managing RV rentals on behalf of owners, providing them with a passive income stream. He highlights how they handle everything from marketing to maintenance, making it a hassle-free experience for RV owners.

Initially, convincing RV owners to join the program was a challenge, but as Fireside RV Rental has grown and gained recognition, it has become easier to enroll RV owners. They now have 21 or 22 locations across the country, with plans to expand even further.

Garr also discusses the popularity of certain RV rental hotspots, such as Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York. He mentions their focus on launching new locations in Utah and Colorado.

The journey into the RV rental industry was somewhat serendipitous for Garr. He bought an RV for his wife as an anniversary gift, but when she decided not to continue camping, he quickly pivoted by renting it out on Craigslist. This unexpected start eventually led him to found Fireside RV Rental.

Garr shares insights into the changing landscape of the industry and the importance of listing on platforms like RVshare. He discusses how RVshare has become a leader in generating leads for RV rentals.

The podcast delves into the advantages of RV rental management over owning your own RV fleet, emphasizing the reduction in overhead costs and the potential risks associated with owning multiple RVs.

When asked about the future of the RV rental industry, Garr believes it's recession-resistant, with various classes of renters adapting to economic changes. He highlights the growing number of campgrounds and increasing demand for RV rentals, making it a stable business option.

As a parting tip for those looking to enter the RV rental industry, Garr advises taking exceptional pictures of your RV and setting high standards, including minimum nightly stays. He recommends targeting a specific market and providing a quality product.

Listeners interested in learning more about Fireside RV Rental's franchise opportunity can attend their weekly webinars on Thursdays at 7 o'clock to gain valuable insights and explore the possibilities of joining the Fireside family.  You can register here:

If you're considering the RV rental industry or looking for an exciting franchise opportunity, this episode provides valuable insights and a closer look at the world of RV rental management.

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