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Mastering Customer Service with Reset Your Journey

Mastering Customer Service with Reset Your Journey

In this episode of the RV Rental Secrets Podcast, we welcome Rose and Glenn Willard from Reset Your Journey. Rose and Glenn share their insights on the importance of customer service and their experiences from their life on the road in an RV.

About Our Guests

Rose and Glenn Willard are the founders of Reset Your Journey. They spent two years traveling full-time around the country in an RV with their children. Before embarking on this journey, they had a successful brick-and-mortar business that operated for over two decades. In this episode, they share their transition from a traditional business to RV life and their future entrepreneurial plans.

The Importance of Customer Service

The conversation takes a turn toward the critical aspect of customer service. Rose and Glenn highlight the significance of this often-overlooked element in the RV rental business. They discuss how personalization, responsiveness, and active listening can make a massive difference in customer satisfaction.

They stress the importance of making customers feel heard and valued, as these small efforts can lead to five-star reviews and repeat business. The RV rental business is highly competitive, and excellent customer service can set your business apart.

Systems for Exceptional Customer Service

Rose and Glenn share insights into how they used systems to enhance their customer service. They mention the use of canned responses in email communication, streamlining the process of responding to inquiries and leads. They also highlight the value of using customers' first names in interactions and offer tips for personalizing your interactions with renters.

Asking for Reviews

One important aspect of customer service is asking for reviews. Rose and Glenn emphasize the value of asking customers for feedback and online reviews. They share their strategy of reaching out to customers after their RV experience, checking in, and requesting a review on Google. They also mention how easy it is to make the process simple for customers, such as sending them a direct link to leave a review.

Continuous Improvement

The conversation concludes with a discussion of continuous improvement. Rose and Glenn advise RV rental business owners to always seek feedback and to be open to suggestions and criticism. They share how making small adjustments based on customer feedback can lead to better experiences for future renters.

Connect with Rose and Glenn Willard

If you want to learn more about Rose and Glenn and Reset Your Journey, you can visit their website at Reset Your Journey. You can also contact them through their website.

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