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Managing Your Household With Brenda from KickAss Modern Mom

Managing Your Household With Brenda from KickAss Modern Mom

Join host Stacy Maxon on the RV Rental Secrets Podcast as she welcomes Brenda from Kick Ass Modern Mom. Brenda shares her journey from meeting Stacey at Mastermind in Paradise to becoming an entrepreneur, mom, and the brain behind Kick Ass Modern Mom. This episode dives deep into how entrepreneurial families can implement household outsourcing and family systems to find more time for family fun, business growth, and personal fulfillment.

Guest Bio:

Brenda coaches Women and entrepreneurial families with her Kickass Modern Mom method, to “Build Their Own Village” of support around them with Household Outsourcing and Family Systems, so they can focus on their unique zone of genius in their businesses, homes, relationships, and also make more meaningful memories with their families. Brenda gifts Women freedom, time, and energy to “start living those somedays TODAY”.

She lives in Arizona with her husband, 3 kids, dogs and guinea pigs. With time to herself she can be found Unicycling, Paddleboarding, playing pickleball, or some other new hobby. With her family she goes on Epic adventures around the country and within her own city, and truly shows others how to “Live those Somedays Today!”

Key Points & Highlights:

  • Household Outsourcing & Family Systems: Learn how applying business principles to household management can streamline your life, allowing more time for what truly matters.

  • The Power of Support: Brenda emphasizes the importance of building a "village" of support, challenging the notion that seeking help is taboo and showcasing how outsourcing can enrich your family's life.

  • Learning from a Variety of Experts: Brenda discusses the benefits of exposing children to a wide range of skills and knowledge, from cooking with a personal chef to organizational tips from a house manager.

  • Customizing Your Support System: Discover how to evaluate your family's needs and values to attract the right kind of help, from house managers to specialized roles that fit your lifestyle, whether you're full-time RVers or weekend adventurers.

  • Practical Steps to Finding Help: Brenda outlines actionable advice for finding, hiring, and integrating support into your family, including using platforms like and leveraging community resources like school staff and fitness center employees.

  • Introducing the Hero House Manager Challenge: A deep dive into Brenda's program designed to fast-track your journey to finding and hiring a house manager, complete with tools, templates, and personalized guidance.

Ready to transform your household and reclaim your time? Join Brenda's Hero House Manager Challenge by visiting Whether you're looking for a comprehensive course, one-on-one coaching, or just some initial guidance, Brenda has a solution to fit your needs.

Guest Information:

Connect with Brenda for a daily dose of inspiration and practical advice for modern entrepreneurial families.



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